Wednesday, October 2, 2013


A lover's need to run 
Covered all in one 
The fear returns 
And it's here to stay 

I'm wasting away 

Callous faith is strong
With pride to lean on 
Safe but not for long 
There will come a day

I'm wasting away 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Another Time

Maybe I'll be everything you want
Maybe I'll be everything you need
Juxtapose these wants and needs and see what you believe
Maybe I'm not the man I'm s'posed to be
Maybe I'm somebody else
Consumed by all this doubt and all the disbelief

Don't go chasing latent dreams
Don't go fighting wars that aren't yours
Don't try to find what's left in me
I am trying not to leave

Don't try to be all that you can
Dont try to be who you're not
People will come and go but you're all that youve got
(So this is where I bend
So what, I've been here before
It's not my concern nor is it yours
So let's just let it end)

Don't go chasing dead-end dreams
Don't go claiming what you don't own
Don't try to find what's left in me
I'm trying not to leave

There's something in this silent night
To believe, to find a way
There's something in your silent eyes
Tells me, we have changed
If everything could be like it was
Just for tonight, I would pray
Maybe we would see we were fine
We were good, could be great

In another time, maybe…

Monday, June 4, 2012


My eyes are open
Feeling daylight
I'm finally awake
This shade of blue
Has shed skin
To a shade of grey
I found you
Where I left you
A lifetime ago
But not the same
Something's changed
Where's the dusk and dawn

All of these moments
Will find their way home
All of these moments
Will find their way home
Won't fade away alone

Might seem wrong
I'll play along
I feel right at home
The Perfect symphony
All it could've been
And all we could let go
I found you
Where I left you
A lifetime ago
All the same
Nothing's changed
But not like before

All of these moments
Will find their way home
All of these moments
Will find their way home
Won't fade away alone

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey you
I honestly don't know why I'm writing this. Part of me calls it catharsis. Part of me just needs to vent. I apologise if this disrupts your existence or upsets you in any manner, but I really need to get things off my chest, for everything life currently holds for me and will in the future, wherever it is.

I've realised my life is this set of ironies played out in sequence. Right now, I feel completely lost. I don't know where I'm going. I don't know what I want to do. So I'm doing the one thing I probably know best, and am apparently famous for- running away. To Bangalore, this time. Well, trying to, and I will, if everything works out. Yes, I know, that's almost poetically ironic. But it's Bangalore. You know what that place holds for me.

I usually don't feel like I have been these past couple of days. But every now and then, well…call it bad relapses.
It's a funny place being where I am right now. Part of me can't stop thing in terms of "what if", part of me just wants to throw caution to the wind and say all of this to you face to face. But your life is far too settled. I will achieve nothing more than making an ass of myself. I'm writing to you because I know you'll never read this. At least I don't think you will...

More than anything else, I wish I had this kind of clarity earlier. I wish I'd experienced the epiphanies I did, much earlier. MUCH. I hate the fact that I now see how good things were and I let them pass as if they were commonplace. It's the only time my judgement was clouded. Well, alright, not the only time but the one time it counted. More than anything else, two things make me feel like an ignorant fool more than anything else

I was blinded by ideas and thoughts that had been contaminated by whatever had (or hadn't) happened prior to when we met. To let that carry on for as long as I did, was not only unfair but downright ridiculous. Worse, I let it carry on unknowingly. I think a part of me knew it was happening, but I quashed the thought without revisiting it ever. I can only look back condescendingly at the ignorance.

The fact that I acted the way I did isn't a surprise. Wasn't to many people then…still isn't. But missing out on second chances calls for one being a colossal asshole. I can safely say I was nothing short of that. The thing that really stings, looking back, is that I was one of those lucky people who got multiple 'second chances'. Yet, somehow, I failed to notice. Each time. There's a special place in Murphian hell that is reserved for for such situations and their actors, myself included. And I know that now. When it's far, far too late.

For all it's minuscule worth, I am repenting. More often than I'd like, but I am. But now i'm tired and worn out and I need to not be stuck in this sick-cycle. I need to, more than anything else, forgive myself. And yet somehow I know a part of me will always wonder, a part of me will always wait…

Love, Laksh

Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Know You're Right…You Really Are

How often do we seek validation? To what extent do we seek it? How do we know where to draw the line?
I don't know how it happened, but I realised, I sought it in music, which is quite alright, and a television show. Now isn't that just a little sad…

I have to admit, it was quite freaky. The same situation played out exactly the same. And then you wait for the scene to be played out like it has to and then you feel a sense of vindication. You weren't the only one to make those choices, say those words or feel that way.
I got disappointed when the story arc didn't end the way it did for me. It made me feel like I made the wrong decisions. Being told by a badly written tv show that you're wrong is quite possibly the lowest you can sink in terms of self-worth.

But the bigger picture lies in the fact that we as human beings always feel the need to be reassured, at some level or the other. That in itself isn't a big deal. But how much we let it affect us and our judgement is the question.
I think I started depending on music as a source of validation that I stopped creating any of my own. And I didn't even realise till I started making music again. As far as the tv show is concerned, circumstances let that ebb soon enough.

I guess at the end of the day, we just have to be content with who we are and the choices we've made, and have faith that at a certain level, we have control and everything will make sense one day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Come Pick Me Up

I am standing in the middle of a storm. There's dust everywhere and not a metro in sight. What scares me is how much my surroundings are reflecting my state of mind. There's a haze, there's dust everywhere and the sunlight's been obscured by the black void that is 'my next step'.

I'm actually glad that I can be completely numb and pretend like everything is alright (and at some level believe it too) because the one thing I hate more than being angry is being angry around people. Yes, angry. Anger pretty much describes most of my emotion right now. Mostly…

I'm angry with the damn university in Singapore. With my boss. With noida. With the uncertainty that has attached to everything in my life. With the people I need the most not being in Delhi. And most of all, with myself.
I'm angry for having let myself let things get so out of hand. For not having more control. For not having clarity when I needed it the most, when I still had the opportunity to take charge. For not being able to let myself get closure, ever.

Delhi seems desolate. Not because I don't have people. I feel very lucky to have brilliant friends and eccentric parents who are amazing. But I just need to get away. I feel monotonous. Monochormic (yes, I'm going with that)
And since 2007 I've only had one place to escape to, and that's where I want to go back to. Bangalore.

I know my life will be very different. I know it's not going to be those 5 days of vacation. I'm going to be on my own. And that is exactly what I need right now. Only then can I have those crystallising moments where everything becomes clear. Three months of living in Chennai gave me a clear idea of what to expect from them.

And that's all that matters right now. To get to Bangalore. Bangalore.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Go Slowly…on a Wheel

I just realised I haven't written in all of March.
It's a little surprising. But mostly not.

In the fraction of a second of the metro-door opening, this peaceful empty bogey has turned into this cacophony of screams, laughter and conversation. I'm oblivious to it all. I have my noise- cancelling headphones on and all I can hear is John Mayer sing about how

"You won't be the first, to love me…"

In the previous chorus he sang

"I won't be the last, to love her…"

I like how he's being brave about what clearly is a breakup. "I have been in love and I will fall in love again..but so will you". That sort of assurance is something I don't see in myself. I always second-guess myself. But that's a good thing. For me. It keeps me on my toes for the most part.

Routine has this sneaky way of catching up with you and becoming a part of you. And then it multiplies. And replicates. Imbibing itself into every little bit of your existence. So much so that you could jump months, even years, and analyse them and notice a routine existing.
I noticed a long-played routine only a few days ago. I also realised that this routine is one I'm not likely to break for a while. How long? Beats me, but a while for sure.

So what do I do with this information? How do I let it shape me as a person? I did something I haven't done in a while. Accept it, and stop caring. It's not "que Sara Sara" and all that crap. I think the best way to describe it is how I interpret Unified Theory's song

"I know I'm not dead
Oh god, I know I'm not dead…yet"

The most obvious thing to pick up from that line is that Chris Shinn wants to die. But that "I know" changes everything if you look at it closely. "I know I'm not dead, even if I want to be". So you just accept what you have and what you don't and carry on doing what you want to/ what you have to.

There is hidden relief in acceptance that becomes so pronounced in certain circumstances that you wonder if it it applies to acceptance in all it's forms . The point is, I have accepted. And it works. Right here, right now, it works. And I'm going to use that understanding and acceptance to carry on without feeling too bad about situations and circumstances I am subject to ( for whatever reason).

Whatever doubt remains, shall be drowned in alcohol, music and company. In any combination available.