Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dark Side

Reminisce the humble beginning
An old candle lit up on its own
Resilient as ever
To the sun, tethered
October burns bright as gold

Fall back to a simple early hour
Simple yet not close to home
Lost in innocence
Free from bitterness
November is this gray two-tone

Greener days have turned dark
The winter cold sets in on stone
The notes fall into place
Shadows grow without a trace
December is this black monochrome

Empty metaphors and silly cliches
Words and feelings expressed some more
In my mind
A few new lines
This year ends just like before

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Karan: yeah sorry
got dc
me: no worries
hows porcupine tree?
Karan: never heard
heard its okay
me: hmmm
i heard 2 songs
they seemed alright
im on an incubus semi-trip
eat shit

This happened just a few days ago. If you're thinking Karan has no tolerance towards alternative/mainstream/contemporary music, you're probably right. But hey, don't go all judging him already. I am like that too. We all are, at some level.

The pattern is something like this : Metal heads will sneer at rock 'n roll lovers(except bands like Floyd and Zeppelin; EVERYBODY respects them). Rock 'n roll listeners sneer at emo/contemporary rock lovers. they in turn sneer at pop wait, ALL of them sneer at pop(:P)

But why do we do it? Why do we feel that (in my case anyway) listening to bands like Incubus, Dashboard Confessional, Sum41 etc. is below our dignity?
I shared (and to an extent still do and always will share) Karan's sentiment in this regard. I actually wondered how i was getting to liking so much of Incubus all of a sudden and whether something was wrong with me.
After giving it a lot of thought i realized that there are things you can't control in life and tripping on bands 'below' us is probably one of them.
Instead of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I diverted my attention to what about the band and it's music was I drawn to. Eventually I did get the answer.

But i still wonder why we put boundaries around us, no matter what sphere of our life.

And hey, I am no hypocrite, I am stating clearly that I think that listening to emo/punk rock as well as death/black metal is an absolute waste of time and energy, but that's just me (and karan) :P.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to nothing. Exam time really means 'either you're studying your ass off or you're sitting on said ass and creating a blog from your phone'. No guesses required.

I think i'll start with an idea of what you might see here in the future(if you're stopping by, that is)
Its going to be, as the name suggests, killing time. Just short posts of whatever randomness strikes my mind

So have fun. See ya around.