Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I dont know why I came
But I know i gotta go
If I ever return
I'll know better than to come alone
Falls on me hard
As the heaviest of stone
Its not over I promise you
Could be beat down but Im not gone

I'll fall through the cracks
Fall through another day
No, Im not wiser
Just silent

Might be in your sights
But not within reach
Talk all you want
Just pick up the pieces while you speak
You really do know it all
Closer home to reality
And on a different day
Through pinpricks and dandelions you feel

You'll fall through the cracks
Fall through with a bang
Yes, you're here to stay
You're safe

Start it over
Start it all over again
Im silent
You're safe

Moving On

First step towards starting over - copy stuff from here and there and bring it all here...periodically


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Phoenix, much?

To the one random person who might stuble across this page somehow,

You might wonder where you might be. Dont be afraid, its just a dead blog. I cant seem to remember why I started it, and I cant see the point of continuing it, since I can barely write, dont have much of a life and pretty much suck at keeping stuff updated.

Poe was nice enough to overhaul this place, and i intend to keep it up and running, just to honour the effort
Thanks O :)

So besides a little bit of ranting, some pointless lamenting and some nothingness, you'll come across some stuff I'd written but never put up here. Yay for periodic updates

It'd be nice if people actually read this and commented and whatnot, but ah well, lets not get ahead of ourselves