Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Another Time

Maybe I'll be everything you want
Maybe I'll be everything you need
Juxtapose these wants and needs and see what you believe
Maybe I'm not the man I'm s'posed to be
Maybe I'm somebody else
Consumed by all this doubt and all the disbelief

Don't go chasing latent dreams
Don't go fighting wars that aren't yours
Don't try to find what's left in me
I am trying not to leave

Don't try to be all that you can
Dont try to be who you're not
People will come and go but you're all that youve got
(So this is where I bend
So what, I've been here before
It's not my concern nor is it yours
So let's just let it end)

Don't go chasing dead-end dreams
Don't go claiming what you don't own
Don't try to find what's left in me
I'm trying not to leave

There's something in this silent night
To believe, to find a way
There's something in your silent eyes
Tells me, we have changed
If everything could be like it was
Just for tonight, I would pray
Maybe we would see we were fine
We were good, could be great

In another time, maybe…