Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Delhi State of Mind

The title is a Billy Joel reference. Yes, he is awesome! Haters can leave.
I've been listening to an odd variety of music lately. Lots of Joel, Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Stone Gossard and the ever-engulfing "Hi-fidelity Lows" playlist.
I still don't know what it all means though.

It's been a while since I visited this place...Honestly, I completely forgot I even had a blog. A new friend stumbled across it and reminded me. I feel like one of those parents who leave their kids at the supermarket and bring home a pumpkin instead.
But it's not like I've had much to post about. Life's been pretty monotonous since i quit work. I'm studying - not as much as I should, but enough to make me not panic. I still have to fix a damn date for GRE but I know I'm not delaying it beyond the first week of August. I'll try to not procrastinate and "be my own person" as I was recently told to be. I still don't know what it all means though.

I'm REALLY tired of this city right now. I love it and everything but I've had enough. The heat, the shit, the complete hopelessness...I thought 2010 would be better..Turns out, its just 2009 in sheep's clothing.
I desperately need Bangalore- that city is like Vegas to me...ok, maybe a little more than just Vegas.I did end up playing a few gigs though. I never realized how comfortable I feel on literally feels like i was meant to do this. I have this thing- Any band I play live with, ends up breaking up after 2 gigs. I haven't played more than 2 (professional) shows with any outfit. I still don't know what it all means though.

On the bright side of it all, I'm collaborating with a friend of mine to work on my first EP. Nothing fancy just redoing a few tracks of mine with another friend who's going to help out with some vocals and whatnot. Wont say much on this right now...don't want to jinx it.

I still don't know what it all means though...