Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Fun Is On The Way

I feel so pumped. I think 'fat bottomed girls' does that to me. Queen is THE band. They just always did their thing. Right to the end. I challange ANYONE to not get pumped during that middle section of 'bohemian rhapsody'.
The only thing better than listening to 'fat bottomed girls' is playing 'fat bottomed girls' (wow that would sound wrong without the quotes)
I'm going to have my first proper jam in 6 months tomorrow. It's just covers but I don't care. They're awesome covers. I love the list till now. With the exception of 'breathe' it's so rock and roll it makes me giddy. Giddy with what? Who in the world knows. But it's almost…satisfying

It feels good to feel pumped again. My phone knows it. It's playing 'satisfaction' , followed by 'so much to say'. And on top of that I'm having coffee at turtle.
All hail caffeine.
I've re-discovered coffee in the past month or so. I didn't realize how cool caffine highs could be. They literally make you shake. Way more than nicotine. Combine the two and you have one jumpy-shaky Laksh.
It's getting hard to stay put.

It's like John Mayer said. 'Good love is on the way'. I don't know about love. I don't think I ever will but good fun definitely is. I want to look way deep into this and believe things are at the cusp of something. Not something huge, but something nice.