Friday, October 14, 2011

Ode to a Sunny Oompa

Poe and I go back six years.

She's seen me grow as a person and I guess I've literally seen her grow. But blossom would be more appropriate. Quirky, funny teen to smart, funny and rather hot young lady.
She's seen me grow from lost, lonely musician to lost lonely, slightly better musical with a goatee.

I remember her vocabulary was (and still is) about twice the size of mine and I would try my best to keep up and not come off daft.
She used to listen to Lacuna Coil and other emo bands and I'd never even heard of them. I'm the one who's the elder one but I've always been in awe of her and I'm not ashamed to admit it

I don't know why I'm writing this really. She's only moving to a new house but it seems bigger. I don't know why. It's probably because of the letter she found and gave to me

The point is, she's one of the few people who've called me on my shit, even when I wasn't aware I was pulling shit.
But the coolest thing she's ever done for me is co-write lyrics with me. She took my hallmark-rejected pseudo-emo writing and made it worthwhile. If I'm proud of whatver I've written over the last few years, it's because of her.

We don't speak all that often anymore but it's not bad. We catch up and it's awesome and I think that's what matters the most. I'd rather have that than have a "hey whatsup with you?" "ah nothing you tell me" "yknow the usual" "hmmm" "hmmm" conversation.
We don't do that. We neve could. I think we understand each other like that. And that's what it's all about.

Love ya, Oompa.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Running For Cover

Bryan Adams said, "If you wanna be bad yeah you gotta be good"
He got it right. To an extent
I truly did start believing in the whole 'women will always fall for the bad guy' myth. Doesn't mean I was able to execute it well but I believed anyway. It is true, but again, only to an extent
What the extent is? Well, I think that depends on the girl and guy in question. But that's not what this is about.

The following views only apply to people who care about an active social life or just liked being 'liked' by people in general.
It also relates to being generally happy in life bay least it does for me

It's pretty simple. So much so that it borders on preachy and retarded. Be who you are, be good and happiness finds you. It's annoying to realize that it's THAT straightforward.

I joined my friend for wall climbing today and it was the most exhilarated I've felt in months. Years maybe. Pushes your body to jelly and still makes you think about what's going to be your next move.
It's the simplest thing. You're just climbing. But it made me feel content. Even though I went up just once I felt like I actually did something worthwhile

I guess the same principle applies to life. Find those simple things in life that get you going and you're sorted. Everything else will fall into place. You don't have to go changing who you are or what you believe to get what you truly desire

For those not 'in the know', Brad is one of the various side-projects that have emerged from Pearl Jam. Very mellow, very melodic *Borat mode* very naaaice! One of their songs goes a little something like, " we're feeling a bit fake as we're running for cover"
Makes a lot of sense here. To me, at least